Chur Burger + Hoyt’s Movie Experience

Eateries, Food, Movies, Street Scene May 4, 2017

The movie experience has certainly come along way since the days of the $6 ticket and a box of Maltesers and with that in mind we’ve headed out to Hoyt’s + Chur Burgers to experience the new Eats Street at Hoyt’s Chadstone featuring Sydney based Burger Chain, Chur Burgers.

Discover Melbourne, Eateries, Food March 24, 2017

Innocent Bystander

As the weekends start to cool and Autumn lends itself to drives out into the Victorian countryside, we’re heading up to Healesville today where we were invited to visit the new headquarters of Innocent Bystander, a delightful Restaurant and Cellar Door up in the picturesque Yarra Valley.
This is great destination dining and drinking and can be easily enjoyed in a day out in the Yarra Valley with friends, family or flying solo.

Books October 25, 2016

Melbourne: Word by Word

Word by word, sound by sound, sight by familiar sight, this is a book that evokes the spirit of Melbourne. Take a meander through Melbourne’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems, and soak up the distinct Melbourne atmosphere, page by page. No ordinary word-book, and no ordinary city guide, Melbourne Word by Word is the celebration of a city, created by an illustrator who lives and works in the heart of it.

Crafts & Hobbies August 5, 2016

Farms, Wool, Spinning and Sustainable Garments

As we head into the last weeks of Winter in Melbourne, it’s a great time to enjoy those inside activities and hobbies that keep us all nice, warm and dry. I’ve recently again taken up spinning wool, as it’s a hobby that I have re-engaged with from my early years when I would spin wool with my Mum who was a spinner and weaver back in the 1970’s.

Arts, Exhibitions July 1, 2016

Degas: A New Vision

What a delight to view the current Winter Masterpieces Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria featuring works by famed artist Edgar Degas. This exhibition brings more than 200 works together from dozens of contributors worldwide.

Discover Melbourne, Home & Garden May 12, 2016

Discovering Melbourne This Week

Lavendula Swiss Italian Farm- Autumn Harvest Festival

Driving out to the gorgeous Victorian countryside is still one of my favourite ways to spend a weekend. If I can rustle up a couple of friends to join me, that make’s it even better, so fortunately this Sunday at Lavendula Swiss Italian Farm, they will be hosting an Autumn Harvest Festival celebrating the rural lifestyle and showcasing crafts, food, history and song of the farm lifestyle

Arts, Galleries May 9, 2016

Best of the Best 2016 -NGV International

The NGV Women’s Association is again hosting ‘Best of the Best’ from 12-13 May from 10-5pm each day. This event celebrates the art of the table and more than 40 of Melbourne’s leading creative people have been invited to decorate a table and help support the NGWVWA with important acquisitions for the NGV. Tables have been decorated by Christine Barro, Peony Melbourne Haute Parfumerie, The Australian Ballet, Paul Bangay for Elliott Clarke and Turner and Lane just to name a few of the amazing Australian creative talents that are involved.

Discover Melbourne May 5, 2016

Discovering Melbourne

Well I have been very busy discovering what Melbourne has to offer and I’ll share with you what has taken my fancy this week.
Mother’s day has been at the top of my thoughts over the last week and I am certainly looking forward to spending time with both of my children this Sunday. We are planning to catch up over a meal at one of my favourite cafés and hopefully a nice stroll around Melbourne’s beautiful Botanical Gardens will complete the day. Now there is plenty on to keep you busy over the next week and here are my favourites.
Whatever you are up to, I’m sure that Melbourne will give you her beautiful backdrop that you need to enjoy the day.